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Fuels Training

The education of site personnel is important, because they are directly involved with the processes that put fuel at risk of contamination.

FIT Offers:

Comprehensive Fuels Training Designed for Operators and Supervisors

Fuels Training covers:

  • The different types of fuel contamination
  • How contaminated fuel can damage engine components
  • How contamination is measured
  • How contamination can be avoided or reduced
  • The important results of BP research and field trials

Clear and Concise Learning Modules
  • FIT Fuels Training avoids confounding the topic of clean fuel through clear and concise learning modules. Operators and Supervisors can cover a broad spectrum of information without delving into unnecessary detail and complete the Fuels Training module in 45 minutes.
Reporting and Results
  • Test Your Knowledge sections situated throughout the module provide real-time feedback to users on their progression.
  • Post-training assessments allow users to test their learning and receive a certificate in their chosen Fuels Training topic.
  • Managers can access assessment results to track the progression of users based on number of attempts, score, and cohort success rate.
For a sneak peak of the Supervisor fuel training module, click here.