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Engineering & Fuel Management

BP FIT engineering experts help with initiatives to improve fuel facility operations by forming a partnership with customers. BP engineers are experts in their field, and adopt a collaborative approach to ensure excellence in project delivery and specific engineering requirements.

FIT Offers:

Delivery Authorisation Inspections (DAI)

  • DAIs protects people, assets and the environment through safety and environmental checks at bulk fuel facilities. For new customers or existing customers with new facilities, BP conducts inspections of storage facilities to assist in establishing a safer fuel delivery process.
Customer Facility Reviews (CFR)
  • FIT engineering experts visually inspect fuel facilities and help to identify potential environmental or compliance risks. They also assist customers to work through and rectify any identified issues uncovered during the CFR assessment. A CFR ensures the highest standard of safety through an audit and inspection process to improve fuel facility compliance.
Customised Fuel Advice
  • FIT engineers provide personalised advice and recommendations on fuel storage and management, specifically suited to meet the needs of each customer. They work with customers to identify and resolve problems by providing personalised service to enhance business operational efficiency.
Fuel Management Bulletins
  • Engineering and Fuel Management Bulletins are developed by BP engineers for bulk fuel customers, and provide technical information across an array of fuel housekeeping and maintenance topics.
  • These bulletins provide industry best-practice advice for fuel facilities, making fuel storage and housekeeping matters easier to understand and address.