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  • Clean Fuels Clean Fuels

Clean Fuels

Clean fuel is critical in optimising the performance of fleet vehicles and equipment as it:

  • Prevents damage to injectors caused by particulates
  • Reduces the build-up of deposits on injectors
  • Increases fuel efficiency and performance
  • Reduces the need for fuel system maintenance costs on vehicles and equipment

FIT Offers:

Clean Fuels Site Assessments

  • Clean Fuels site assessments are conducted by BP Global Fuel Technology experts, and identify fuel cleanliness levels, the sources of contaminants and provide recommendations to improve fuel cleanliness on site.
Terminal Filtration
  • Diesel at BP’s major fuel terminals in key mining locations is processed through microfilters that ensure diesel is supplied at levels up to four times cleaner than those stipulated by manufacturers in the Worldwide Fuel Charter (ISO 4406 18/16/13).
  • Cleaner diesel supplied from BP terminals puts less pressure on downstream controls like filtration at fuel storage facilities. This helps reduce housekeeping and maintenance costs at storage facilities, as well as ensuring the quality of fuel to keep businesses moving efficiently.
Detecta Kit
  • The BP Detecta Kit is a user-friendly diesel sampling kit developed by BP’s Global Fuels Technology experts to identify fuel cleanliness levels within your internal fuel supply chain. It’s part of a fast and accurate test program which analyses fuel from along the supply chain and identifies where any issues may be preventing the delivery of clean fuel to equipment.